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Teacher Organizations in Catholic Schools - A Report by USCC Subcommittee on Teacher Organizations (September 15, 1977) 
The Economics Pastoral & the Rights of Teachers Origins (June 4, 1987) 


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The Catholic-Labor Network is dependent on interested persons sharing their activities struggles, victories and prayers with other like minded men and women of faith.
We strongly invite all those who visit this page, and who share  a common interest in issues effecting the Catholic Church and the Labor Movement to subscribe.  Occasionally, notices will be sent when this page is updated.  When important events happen, we will pass on the information through the e-mail list, and most of all, the e-mail list is a means by which we can pray and support each other.

Catholic Schools & Labor

The Catholic School: A Community of Faith 

"The Catholic school is best described as a community of faith, formed by gospel values, whose purpose is service to others. To be a community of faith whose members are united by the very Spirit of God into a "unique fellowship," the school must be consciously and publicly guided in all its actions by the teachings and the spirit of Jesus. Not only is this true of all individuals associated with the school in any way, it is also true of all groups and organizations related to the school. 
"In this community, it is fitting and, indeed, necessary that the question of teacher organization be approached, not in a negative or adversarial way, but in an atmosphere of trust and understanding. There is no intrinsic reason to fear the consequences of a teacher organization established according to the wishes of the teacher employees. The very fact that a Catholic school is called to be a community of faith should persuade the administration to accept and welcome employee initiative in this regard."
(Teacher Organizations in Catholic Schools - A Report: USCC Subcommittee on Teachers, September 15, 1977)
In this section of the web site you will find  materials that address some of the issues which may face teachers in our Catholic School system. It is our hope that this information will assist both school employees and school administrators to better understand our Catholic Social Justice Tradition as it relates to Catholic Schools.

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