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The Catholic Labor Network is dependent on interested persons sharing their activities struggles, victories and prayers with other like minded men and women of faith.
We strongly invite all those who visit this page, and who share  a common interest in issues effecting the Catholic Church and the Labor Movement to subscribe.  Occasionally, notices will be sent when this page is updated.  When important events happen, we will pass on the information through the e-mail list, and most of all, the e-mail list is a means by which we can pray and support each other.

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Labor Day Articles by C-L Network Members

Each year, the Untied States Catholic Conference issues a Labor Day Letter.  these letters focus on special issues dealing with workers and the condition of work

The Catholic - Labor Network has acquired copies of all past Labor Day Statements, and will be posting them to this page for the access of its members and friends.

  • Work and Family: Old Values, New Challenges -USCC Labor Day Statement 1992
  • A Time for Action - USCC Labor Day Statement 1991
  • On the New Condition of Labor - USCC Labor Day Statement 1990
  • Freedom, Justice and the Role of Unions - USCC Labor Day Statement 1989
  • Solidarity and American Catholics - USCC Labor Day Statement 1988
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Workers - USCC Labor Day Statement 1987
  • Family and Work - USCC Labor Day Statement 1986
  • The Right to Health Care - USCC Labor Day Statement 1985

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