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Respecting the Just Rights of Workers CoverRespecting the Just Rights of Workers: Guidance and options for Catholic health care and unions
"We offer this document as a common alternative and way forward in carrying out the principles of Catholic Social teaching and the directions of the Working Paper 'A Fair and Just Workplace.' It is a product of extensive dialogue, candid discussion and differing experiences that we put forth for wide sharing, discussion, consideration, adaptation and use at the local level." (USCCB press release)

The Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services: 

          "A Catholic health care institution must treat its employees respectfully and justly. This responsibility includes: equal employment opportunities for anyone qualified for the task, irrespective of a person's race, sex, age, national origin or disability; a workplace that promotes employee participation; a work environment that ensures employee safety and well-being; just compensation and benefits; and recognition of the rights of employees to organize and bargain collectively without prejudice to the common good."

(NCCB, Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, 1994, p 8.)
One of the greatest accomplishments of the American Catholic Church is its network of hospitals. For over one hundred and fifty years, these institutions have been an outward manifestation of Christ's healing power. The women religious who poured out their lives in decades of service have made a tremendous contribution to the evangelization of our nation. 
The success of this apostolate has brought with it challenges of social responsibility and stewardship. Over the last decade significant tensions have emerged between the management of some of our Catholic health care facilities and organized labor. How we as a Church handle these tensions will either be a prophetic witness of the power of Catholic social teaching to our nation's business community, or it will manifest the hollowness of that teaching.

This section of the Catholic-Labor Network Web Page is dedicated to this Catholic Hospital-Labor dialogue.

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