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 (Updated: June 27, 2015)

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The Catholic-Labor Network is dependent on interested persons sharing their activities struggles, victories and prayers with other like minded men and women of faith.

We strongly invite all those who visit this page, and who share  a common interest in issues effecting the Catholic Church and the Labor Movement to subscribe.  Occasionally, notices will be sent when this page is updated.  When important events happen, we will pass on the information through the e-mail list, and most of all, the e-mail list is a means by which we can pray and support each other.

World Movement of Christian Workers

A Movement of Workers

The WMCW was set up in 1966. Today, it brings together more than 70 affiliated organizations from four continents. Its member organizations promote the interests of all those who rely upon their work or for their income, whether formally or informally

A continuing-education movement

The WMCW is a movement of formation through action. The member movements are committed to raising awareness through permanent education. Their objective is to create solidarity and encourage their members to take an active part in the commitment to social change. That is, a comprehensive education, one aimed at commitment and concerning all aspects of life. To reach this goal, the WMCW applies the «-see-judge-act method», also called the «Review of life».

The ultimate goal of this collective action of continuing education is to improve the living conditions of all workers and their families.
In order to encourage its members to contribute to this positive evolution of society, the WMCW invites them to be involved in social organizations, such as trade unions as well as in other peoples’ organizations. It also calls upon them to give a political dimension to their commitment.

A Christian movement

The message of the Gospel is a major source of inspiration for the WMCW. In this way, the WMCW affirms its belief in the personal dignity of each man and woman. It rejects a purely materialistic vision of human beings and of the world. The Gospel invites us to make a preferential option for the poor, the vulnerable and the excluded. It proclaims the equal value of all human beings, and is the basis of the belief that: We are all brothers and sisters because we all have the same Father.

The WMCW is recognized by The Catholic Church as an association of the faithful. In this way, it strengthens the closeness between the Church and the Labour world. It also acts as a spokesperson for the workers within the Church and a means by which their contribution becomes more valuable.

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