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The Catholic-Labor Network is dependent on interested persons sharing their activities struggles, victories and prayers with other like minded men and women of faith.
We strongly invite all those who visit this page, and who share  a common interest in issues effecting the Catholic Church and the Labor Movement to subscribe.  Occasionally, notices will be sent when this page is updated.  When important events happen, we will pass on the information through the e-mail list, and most of all, the e-mail list is a means by which we can pray and support each other.

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A Christmas Poem

Kathy Rosemyer

The Grownup,
who came to know
that Santa was not real,
and that reindeer cannot fly,
had cried as a child for gifts that
never appeared, and wondered what
was true about Christmas. Somewhere 
in the montage of holiday memories, the 
grownup found the manger scene- the baby, 
the mother, the magi nearby. Who was this child? 
Years of jingle bells and Yuletide carols echoed hollowly-
memories of tinseled  Christmas past. The garish lights faded, 
revealing the Gospel truth  at last - the Baby. The WORD became flesh.
God is with us..

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